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Save the Date - March 10-13, 2018

Highlands Ranch Cycling Club Shares Video from the Skinny Tire Festival

“A great trip to Moab this year for the Skinny Tire Festival, I highly recommend this event for anyone looking to get a jump on training for the season. Here are a couple videos from our rides during the event: Highlights - Deadhorse Point State Park Ride (Day #1) -” - Matt W.

Jump Start Your Spring Training

Back by popular demand - Barry Stokes Coaching!

1. Week by week, day by day coaching to get you ready for the Skinny Tire Festival.
2. What it is like to ride the Skinny Tire Festival? See Barry's Garmin readout for information about pedal cadence/balance, heart rate, elevation, and more on the following routes:
3. Interested? Find out more about Barry's Coaching to get you ready for the Moab Skinny Tire Festival. Registered cyclists receive complementary training schedules.

This event is extremely well supported and organized. Under the leadership and coordination of Coach Barry, this training camp is a kickstart to my triathlon season. Coach Barry has each day planned with workouts and fun and exciting activities around Moab. I promise you will come back from the MSTF a better cyclist and a better athlete all around! - Neil W. 

Road Cycling Moab.........
When and Where

Yes, in spite of the word being out that Moab is the new landscape in road cycling, many are skeptical about bringing their road bikes to town. They are aware of Moab’s reputation for adventurous activity from A to Z but, just can’t get a handle on “R” for road cycling. Oh yeah, did I mention the vast iconic landscape everywhere? So, here’s a few tips locals want to share and YES, Moab hosts a fair culture of road cyclists who ride in anything from flashy lycra to pajamas, yep it’s true. 

This is a two part series so watch for the next newsletter. Let’s start with When to ride in Moab.  Here’s some tips for what time of year. February through May, then late August through November is prime. February sees temps ticking up from winter(still cool but clothing mitigates nicely) and lots of sunny days. Also, town visitors are fewer so route selection doesn’t depend on vehicle traffic so much. March, the month for the Skinny Tire Festival, is warmer, sunny, with visitors fairly increasing by month’s end and through May. April through mid May tends to produce gusting winds. However, some roadways in town may be more protected than others. I’ll talk about this combo in the next edition. Good to watch weather reports so you can avoid an overly gusty day and grab a different activity for the day. Early spring and Fall when visitation is high in Moab, you can beat the vehicles to the fun by starting early. Vehicle buffs tend to hang in town clutching their hot coffees and bagels waiting for the sun to heat the redrocks before venturing out. Given the internal heating mechanism of our sport, we can layer up and get out early with no fear! Just do it! It’s magical cruising into Canyonlands or Arches National Park ahead of the gearjammers. Nice to be leaving the Park with the whole exit lane thin of traffic as the entrance is filling up! This holds true for other great stretches of bliss around town also. September through the end of November is incredible weather, so perfect for the sport of road cycling. Yes, it is also popular with everyone else looking to adventure in Moab.

With a little guidance in the next edition, you can navigate your way to superb experiences on your bike. One tip is to become aware of which events are happening during your stay. This will give clues as to where and how early you may plan your cycling route! Stay tuned for the next edition where we’ll discuss roadway routes and incorporate time of year and time of day into your perfect ride!

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