Friday, March 9, 2018

Why Do You Ride? Bring a photo or post a note about what or who inspires you! This event honors those living with, through, and beyond cancer.

4-8:00pm -  Rider Check-In. Event Expo, Mechanic 6-7pm.

Grin and Barrett Charity Bike Ride
Death Ride

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

DAY 1 of Riding - Rider packet will have details on route; follow red route signs. 

7:00-9:00 am - Rider Check-In; Event Expo open; Mechanic Available

8:00-3:00pm - Dead Horse Point State Park - Route is Open, Group start at 8am.

Lunch served at end of route, Archway Inn Hotel, 1:00-4:00pm..

AID stations close sequentially throughout day. Be prepared to arrive back in Moab no later than 3pm when route support ends.

Apres-Ride Sponsored by White Horse Development, LLC
Lunch served in back courtyard area of Archway Inn Hotel (cold sandwich, potato salad, hummus and vegetables, chips, dessert).
Live music by Donnie and the Blackhats.

3:00 Festival Celebration Program
Guest Speakers:
Dave Shields, The Tour, The Race
Tom Barrett, Caring Friends Supporting the San Juan Cancer Center
Insipiring (and A Bit Funny) Stories from Cancer Survivors 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

DAY 2 of Riding 

9:00 am - Start on your own (no group start) Colorado River Corridor Ride. Optional start is at Red Cliffs Ranch on route!  Your body (and the sun!) will think it is 8:00am. 

Support available until 3:00 pm.

11am-2pm - Lunch served at Red Cliffs Ranch

6:00pm Western Dinner Social at Red Cliffs Ranch  - Mingle with other Festival cyclists, tour the Castle Creek Winery, explore the Moab Musuem of Film and Western Heritage, or relax outdoors on the large patio overlooking the cottonwood trees and the Colorado River.
6:30pm Buffet dinner of ribeye steak, bbq chicken, corn on the cob, and vegetarian main dish. Pick up your pre-purchased or pre-requested ticket at Rider Check-In. 
7:00pm Program




Monday, March 12, 2018

DAY 3 of Riding

8:00 am 3:00pm - No group start, start on your own. Route support open 8am-3pm.

Lunch available from 10am – 2 pm at Devils Garden (turnaround)

Support available until 3:00 pm. Please plan your cycling such that you are back in Moab no later than 3pm.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 River Portal Ride

DAY 4 of Riding

Hwy 279 is a local's favorite for its gentle spinning along the Colorado River. Passing by "Wall Street" named for it's spectacular rock climbing venue, you'll see authentic Indian Writing left thousands of years ago.

Support available 8am until 1:00 pm.

Lunch is on your own.

Lunch included Saturday, Sunday and Monday rides. Tuesday most cyclists will finish early and head home so lunch is on your own.

For all the rides there is SAG vehicle support and Aid Stations
equipped with water, real food, cheery volunteers to assist you, and event communication volunteers who help keep all of us communicating! 


Rider Check In and Meeting Point

1551 North Highway 191

Massages available at the Festival.



“There is no bad weather, just inadequate clothing”

Moab is famous for its incredible weather – sunny, sunny, sunny. However, depending on the time of year, the temperature can vary almost 100 degrees. Here’s how to be prepared for the canyon weather in March.

Days start cool (30-40s), then warm up through-out the day (40-70s), then cool down quick when the sun drops over the canyon walls, 3:00–4:30 pm depending on location, (30s-40s). These ranges all depend on 1) the day’s weather and 2) where you are in the canyons, as some areas receive lots of sun and some are shaded by the canyon walls.Dress in Layers

"Is there a gear bag I can use when I'm ready to take off my jacket? You can leave your gear in the SAG vehicles (wave them down on route plus they stop at all AID stations). Ask for duct tape and write your name and cell phone on the item.  SAG vehicles return to Archway Inn hotel by 4pm each day. Find your item in the LOST/FOUND box at Rider Check In. 

Light polypro or tights, preferably with wind-resistant front panel
Or Shorts with knee or leg warmers
Fleece pants or sweats to walk around before & after the ride
Base layer: light base layer top (non cotton)
Insulating layer: biking jersey (short or long sleeve)
Protective layer: windbreaker, light or heavy jacket depending on temperatures
Fleece jacket to walk around before & after the ride
Gloves (full, padded)
Hat, light-weight polypro style hat for under helmet

Biking shoes
Toe covers or booties
Warm socks
Small camera
Water bottles
Lip balm

Bring “Just-in-case”
Extra warm gloves
Full skull cap

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