Training Tips for the Skinny Tire Festival

Are you in training mode for the Skinny Tire Festival? GREAT! We all know physical activity and practice rides can help you prepare for STF. But we also wanted to provide some important health tips for training for the Skinny!

Especially regarding HYDRATION in the desert. Do you know how much water you should be consuming? Here's a hint: It's different for everybody.


Winter stalls consumption of water for most of us. We just aren’t thirsty. Yet staying hydrated has benefits you’ll reap now leading up to the Skinny Tire Festival.

How much water to drink?
Half your body weight in ounces is the current medical journal wisdom. Weigh 180lbs? Drink 90 oz of H20. Weigh 130lbs? Drink 65 ounces. Easy Peasy!

Can you drink too much water?
Actually, yes. Some medications require smaller amounts of water. Read labels and check with your doctor if you have any questions.  

How will this benefit me?

1. Flushes toxins from cells keeping you healthier so you can train consistently.

2. Reduces inflammation - The cause of minor (and some chronic) ailments that might keep you from getting on that trainer or grabbing your bike on that rare 60 degree Denver day.

3. Improves skin tone. Ok, that may not help you train but if you had the choice wouldn’t you rather look good with all that sweat?

4. Helps you lose weight. That’s right. .....your body’s call for water is often disguised as hunger pains. Feeling hungry? Drink 12 ounces of water and wait 20 minutes before choosing food.

 Eat More Food

Yes, words from heaven! But it’s not just any food, here are some guidelines on what to eat and when.

  1. Eat within an hour of waking up. This jumpstarts your metabolism and feeds vital organs (like your brain before going to work).

  2. Eat six small meals throughout the day, spaced 2-3 hours apart. This balances insulin levels.

  3. Choose a balance of lean protein, low glycemic vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates.

  4. Night before the Skinny Tire Festival? Carb load the healthy way. Choose lean proteins like chicken and fish, paired with veggies and avocado.


Centers for Disease Control declares sleep disorders a public health epidemic.

How much sleep is recommended?
8 hours/night is the current recommendation. You’ll be prepared to ride the Skinny Tire Festival if you incorporate this healthy habit now.

  1. Reduces probability of major illnesses.

  2. Reduces inflammation surrounding the chronic pains and ailments that can prevent you from getting on your bike.

  3. Helps you lose weight if you are carrying around extra pounds by balancing release of hormones melatonin and ghrelin.

  4. Helps make you more alert.

We’ll see you at the Skinny!


Beth Logan

Beth is the Operations Manager for Skinny Tire Events. Beth is also an independent Optavia coach. Curious to learn more health tips from Beth? Send her an email.