Common Questions

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• Is my registration refundable?

We do not refund registrations, however, we do allow transfers! Please see "How to transfer my registration" below.

• What are my lodging options?

Archway Inn Hotel is the host hotel and holds rooms under the Skinny Tire or Moab Century Tour name. You must call to book in order to receive the discount. Fairfield Inn also offers discounted rooms for this event. Other hotels and several campgrounds are located nearby. Click here for a full list.

• Why a limit on Monday’s ride through Arches?

Arches National Park limits our entrance permit to a maximum of 400 cyclists for this event. Other days are not limited so come on out and ride!

• How to transfer my registration?

We do not refund registrations, however, we do allow transfers under the following conditions.

  1. The transfer request must be made 7 days prior (by 8pm) to the event registration day.
  2. A rider is only permitted one transfer. IE, you can not transfer year to year to year.
  3. A transfer cannot be changed to another name.
  4. If transferring a registration that contains a purchased jersey and/or t-shirt, you may choose to transfer those as well. If you want the jersey/t-shirt from the event you did not attend, a shipping payment of $12 will be required.

Post event we will contact all transfer requests for an electronic commitment to attend the following year. Only those who respond with a commitment, will have their registration transferred.

• Is this a race?

This is a tour and all cycling levels are welcome and encouraged.

Most days have a mass start but you may ride at any time; stay in control of your bike at all times. Be aware others are on the route and may be riding at different speeds than you. Please be kind.

Hours of SAG vehicle and aid station support is posted for each ride and available for all abilities.

Several teams have chosen our March event as ideal early season training to get in base miles.

• How easy is it to call a SAG?

Route support vehicles are plentiful and are here to assist you in getting up that next hill so that your cycling experience is most enjoyable. You can Call-A-Sag, stop at any AID station, pull over on the road and we'll find you, or Call-A-SAG to 303-359-8088.

• How long are the rides?

Each of the rides are fully described within each event, route descriptions can be found for each event on the following pages:

Skinny Tire Festival

Moab Century Tour

• Do I need to register early?

Yes, because we limit number of riders to ensure quality cycling experience, both for the Moab Century Tour and The Skinny Tire Festival. We encourage you to sign up early to ensure your spot.

• What are Moab’s roads like?

Even though they are chipped sealed, they are smooth. Always wise to bring an extra tube and to be careful where you lay your bike. We always have our portable bike racks to set your bike on.

• Where are there good places to eat?

We have variety of food from $5 a meal to fine dining. For a complete list of restaurants, click here.

• Can I fly into Moab?

Yes! For a complete list of airlines, click here. Addtionally, a major airport is just 90 minutes away in Grand Junction, Colorado.

• Moab’s Weather - What should I expect?

Be prepared anything is possible. March: Typically temperatures are low 40’s to low 60’s. But the sun is (usually) always shining! September: Typically temperatures are low 60's to mid -80's.

• I want to ride with my friends, are there any deals?

Yes, you can take advantage of our Recruit 3, Ride free program! Please note, this program is now only available for the Moab Century Tour. Here is how to take advantage:

  1. Email and provide 4 first and last names of participants. Please designate who will be the "free" rider, as well as their email address, if different than the email sender.
  2. Have 3 people register for the event.
  3. When we see the 3 registrations come through, a 100% off coupon will be emailed to the "free" rider to register for free!

• Can I leave my jacket or gear inside the SAG vehicles or AID stations?

No, I"m sorry, we ask that you keep your items with you. Our SAG vehicles can be out all day and we've had more than one disappointed cyclist wondering where their jacket is at the end of the day.

• Do you allow electric bikes?

We allow electric bikes to be used during our events. However, each event has a nine mile section identified as the Moab Bike/Ped Path and e-bikes are prohibited on this path.You may take a support vehicle shuttle to bypass this section. Vehicle parking is available at the aid station located at Hwy 191 and 313. Additionally, e-bikes are not allowed in Arches National Park which is an event route during the Skinny Tire Festival.

Manufacturer’s maximum assist speed must be less than 30 mph.

• Can I ride with music?

We prefer riders not ride with ear buds because of the safety hazard, however that is the riders discretion. Bike mounted speakers playing music will not be permitted.