Your participation makes a major contribution to this worthy cause.


After losing his older brother to cancer, Mark Griffith wanted to find a way to deal with his grief. He wanted to do something. He put purpose to his cycling and began the Moab Skinny Tire Festival with a few close friends to raise money for cancer survivorship programs.

Twelve riders signed up that first year and raised $1200. Now thousands of cyclists have participated and donated over $5 million to a variety of cancer foundations and beneficiaries.

Moab's Skinny Tire Events are not only fund raisers for cancer research and survivorship, but are intended to create an experience that uplifts, rewards and rejuvenates on many levels — physically with the cycling challenges, emotionally and mentally with shared stories from others about their cancer situations, losses, etc., and spiritually in the unique way that only nature can accomplish.

It's about seeing an obstacle and knowing you can get through it.  It's feeling the reward on the downside of the climb — the last day of treatment — every day you choose to live versus succumb.  The scenery inspires... helps one think, experience, rejuvenate & regenerate.


We can always put generous donations to work for our local cancer treatment center.